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Innovative Strategies for Unique Individuals.

At ABA we believe providing the highest quality of behavior supports and related services in the State of Kentucky, we can make the world a better place to live for the individuals and the familes we serve. With a State of the Art Facility and the most compassionate staff, our behavioral services cover a wide range of areas as everyone at ABA is committed to providing the highest quality behavioral services and related therapies.

Founded by Christopher George in 2007 , our mission has always been to Change the World for the better.

“I’m not trying to change people. All I want is to change the world in which they live.” BF Skinner

Our Mission

Applied Behavioral Advancements, LLC is dedicated to empowering our clients to make informed decisions about their lives through socially appropriate behaviors.

We believe that interdisciplinary collaboration is essential to providing the highest quality supports.

We believe that educating and training caregivers in proven behavioral techniques will allow the individual to remain connected to natural support networks.

We believe that through professional clinical assessment and recommendations our clients will be able to make informed decisions about their future goals and outcomes.

We believe that teaching replacement behaviors will increase the dignity and self worth of our clients by reducing social stigmatization and allowing greater access to individual preferences.


ABA, LLC was formed in 2007 to provide the highest quality of behavior supports and related services in the State of Kentucky. Find out more about our services here >>

Areas of expertise include:

* Verbal aggression * Autism Spectrum Disorders * Mental Illness (schizophrenia, etc.) * Personality Disorders * and many more…

ABA, LLC Provides:

* Functional Behavior Assessments (Links to BX Assessments Page, See Addendum) * Behavior Support Plan Development * Training for Caregivers * Monitoring of Implemented Plans * Early Intervention Services (Autism)

* Speech Language Pathology * Person Centered Coaching * Community Access * Personal Assistance * MR/DD Waiver Programs * and many more…

Our Staff

ABA is pleased to have some of the best clinicians in the state of Kentucky. We are a collaborative team that consult and work together to provide the highest quality service to our clients. With varied backgrounds and  unique skills/abilities we are able to match the needs of our clients with the ‘right’ clinician. Find out more about our staff here >>

What Folks are Saying

As behavior analysts, we rely on data to make decision and believe that you should too!! Please look over the data and comments to see how others have rated us as you make one of the most important decisions–who to trust for your behavioral services. See our Data here >>

Contact Us

ABA's main office is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Somerset, Kentucky. We also have offices/clinical space in Louisville.  Please contact the main office on 606-677-2636 for location and contact information.

Interested in working for us? Find out about our employment opportunities here >>

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PO Box 1659
Somerset, KY 42502

Physical Address:

105 College St
Somerset, KY 42501

Contact Numbers:

Phone: 606.677.2636

Fax: 606.677.0412

105 College St, Somerset, KY 42501, USA