Ivan Pavlov

Ivan Pavlov


  • 1st to introduce Quantitative Measurement to Pshycology
  • 1st to systematically manipulate the environment and see the effect on behavior
  • Helped to discover Respondent conditioning and its principles
  • Led to understanding of Antedent Stimuli and Stimulus Pairing
Edward Lee Thorndike

Edward Lee Thorndike


  • Law of Effect: Organisms learn through consequences of their actions and not just the Antecedents
  • Paved the way for B.F. Skinner
John Broadus Watson

John Broadus Watson


  • Father of Behaviorism
  • Discovered that emotional reactions can be learned
  • Proposed ways to counter condition phobias and other irrational emotions through desensitizations
Burrhus Frederick Skinner

Burrhus Frederick Skinner


  • Developed a scientific method for the study of behavior (experimental analysis of behavior)
  • Aligned the study of behavior with methods of studying natural science (Manipulation of variables)
  • Developed the Operant Chamber
  • Radical Behaviorism
  • Analysis of verbal behavior
  • His work led to applied behavior analysis